Rich, multilayered speech and sound effects for your voicebot with no sound engineering required.

The Next Generation Voicebot Audio Interface

Add audible personality, branding, and emotion to your Alexa or Google Assistant voicebot. Customers respond to Talestreamer-enriched audio interfaces with longer engagement, more repeat usage, and higher reviews. Features include:


Customer Feedback

Talestreamer is the result of our experience building and operating The Magic Door since the early days of Alexa skills. More than 500,000 players have spent more than 5,000,000 minutes listening to The Magic Door’s unique combination of human and synthesized voices and foreground and background audio effects.

  • “Pretty awesome storytelling with sound effects. I was captivated.”
  • “I enjoyed playing it. The sounds make you feel like you are in it.”
  • “I was also very impressed that this skill has different sound effects and voices and it just wasn’t Alexa talking the entire time.”
  • “…the sound effects are hilarious and they succeed at creating great visial imagery. More fun playing with eyes closed.”
  • “The voices and sound effects are awesome. Well done.”

Markup-Driven Audio Synthesis

Talestreamer implements Talestreamer Markup Language (TSML), a proprietary voice markup language that is a superset of SSML, and Talestreamer Stylesheets (TSSS), a voice styling language, like CSS for audio interfaces. Together, TSML and TSSS support:

  • Background sounds, including multiple background sounds in a single response
  • Independent background and foreground volume control
  • Sound file trimming
  • Pauses and breaks
  • Any SSML supported by Amazon Polly.

Using these features, you can freely mix any combination of brand-related effects, UI hints, voice acted audio, background audio, and synthesized speech. You can do this even while keeping your current SSML markup development workflow.

Easy Cross-Platform Support

Alexa and Google Assistant impose strict and different limits on audio assets, formats, and volume. Talestreamer renders all of your assets into a single response to send to Alexa or Google Assistant, converting and normalizing audio as necessary.

Amazing Life-Like Synthesized Speech

Talestreamer supports all of the AWS Polly voices, in all languages. Contact us if there is a different TTS engine you want to use with Talestreamer.

Pay For What You Use Pricing

With Talestreamer, you pay when you use our tools and APIs, and the generated sounds are yours to use without any restriction by us.

Basic Pro Enterprise
Free Trial30 daysNoNo
Requests / MonthUp to 25,000
(a successful skill)
Up to 1,000,000
(a very successful skill)
TTS Characters / MonthUp to 1,000,000Up to 4,000,000Unlimited
Response Length Limit60 seconds60 secondsUnlimited
Drop-in integration SDK for AlexaYesYesYes
Talestreamer ComposerYesYesYes
Interactive TestingYesYesYes
Audio DownloadYesYesYes
Access to Amazon Polly VoicesYesYesYes
API AccessYesYesYes
Price$4 / month$16/monthCustom

Hear the Difference, See the Markup

This TSML generates an audio stream comparing TSML and plain text-to-speech side by side.

More Examples

Please refer to our documentation for more examples.

Getting Started