1. Depend on the Talestreamer SDK

In the directory that contains your Google Action’s source code, run this:
$ npm install –save talestreamer

You should see something like this:
+ talestreamer@1.0.8
added 28 packages in 4.308s

2. Sign up for Talestreamer

Sign up for Talestreamer. You get a free trial, with no credit card required. Check out Talestreamer pricing for details.

3. Get your Talestreamer API key from the Talestreamer dashboard

  1. Visit the API tab on the Talestreamer Dashboard
  2. Click “Create Key”
  3. Copy your API key.

4. Add Talestreamer to your Google Action

  1. Include the following snippet at the top of the file that defines your Cloud Function handler (usually index.js), using your API key created above:

  2. After creating an ActionsSdkApp or DialogflowApp object, pass it to Talestreamer. For example:

Other Integration Options

If you aren’t using the Google Cloud Functions or Firebase Functions, but you are writing your Google Action in Javascript, you can use the Talestreamer SDK to build your custom integration. However, you will still need to use Actions on Google SDK.

Otherwise, you can call the Talestreamer REST API from your Google Action.

Next Steps

Once you’re done integrating Talestreamer with Actions on Google, you can start making your Google Action sound more awesome.